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Ryisan C.

The Solana blockchain is not known for it’s “memecoins” as much as the Ethereum chain is. For many the “dog” coins can be designated as comedy or tokens that should not have real value. With the growth of $DOGE and $SHIB many other “memecoins” have popped up with hopes of having the same success as the pup-inspired coins. The basis of “memecoins” is that of a strong community and the fact that these tokens are the easiest point of entry into the crypto space.

The prevailing issue for most of these coins however , continues to be the sky-high fees of the Ethereum blockchain. For most the Solana blockchain provides a relief from those fees and the opportunity to grow a stronger community.


Though not as popular as the Ethereum-based tokens, Solana is home to a few “memecoins” that are enjoying a bit of success:

  1. Samoyedcoin (SAMO)- This coin is inspired by Sam Bankman-Fried and Anatoly Yakovenko. This token is known as the DOGE of the Solana ecosystem. The total supply of the token is at 14 Billion and a total of 64% have been set up for burning. The token has a market cap of over $62 Million.
  2. Floof (FLOOF) -This is the most recent “memcoin” that has already burned 98% of its supply. The supply is at 6.9 quadrillion which is quite comical. There is no legitimate marketcap but a flooded marketcap of $2.3 billion
  3. Woof (WOOF)- Woof is the SHIBA to SAMOS DOGE. Woof has seen exponential growth amid all of the other memecoins recording appreciation of more than 50,000%. Woof has described itself as a DEX and NFT market. The token supply is at 17.9 billion and a market cap of $10 million with 50% being burned daily. The original purpose created by Woof was to create an NFT marketplace where anyone can be a creator or a seller and bid for NFTs at a flat cost, as of today that idea has changed.

New Plan

The new plan of the platform is to create a decentralized social token project.

On their twitter the plan of the project has been laid out completely. The main goal of the company now being to build the best community and Social token on the Solana chain. The platform has promised future services that are both fun and informative for novice traders. With these plans in place $WOOF hopes to grow into a reputable entry point for new users on crypto.

The team plans to implement a DAO for holders where the members will have power to vote on where the project heads in the future. You can currently join the WOOF community via its very affordable NFT.

The team has a full roadmap and is ready to provide users with a proper path to success.

For more information about their project you can check out their website

Remember none of our articles are advertisement, recommendations, or even financial advice. As always keep your own finances in mind when you make your own decisions. Always make sure to do your own research.



Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain