When Royalty Arrives

His Royal Airness joins Web 3 Via Solana by Madeline S. Dec.15,2021

Quick Points

  • Michael Jordan joins web3 via HEIR
  • HEIR will be based on the Solana Blockchain

As if Mr. Jordan could not get any more legendary word has spread that he and his son have started on a project for Web3 titled HEIR.

What is HEIR ?

HEIR is a web3 fan engagement platform built on Solana designed to link professional athletes with their greatest supporters. There will be an $HEIR token as well as NFT assets to help with community-building features such as giving fans the ability to have access to exclusive benefits and access. The company is spearheaded by Michael Jordan and his son, Jeffrey Jordan, and has raised $10 Million USD so far in seed funding.

Not only is the king of the court on this project but his …ahem..heir as well. There is also co-leadership coming from ex Nike brand manager Jeron Smith and marketing is done by Daniel George- a top marketing consultant.

Lots of interest

Anything that has His Royal Airness involved usually becomes something of a good deal. One only needs to look at the Jordan brand to be able to know the savvy business mind of the Jordan family. Thrive Capital was the leader of the financial round which brought in $10 Million and was also joined by Solana Ventures, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Bulls Player Lonzo Ball, and NY Knicks executive VP William Wesley-all very high profile men that have joined the web3 journey.

Fans are the key

Though this is a new project it certainly isn’t a brand new idea. There are other examples of the burgeoning social token and fan engagement scene developing lately. There are other platforms such as Roll or Rally which let athletes, entertainers artists, influencers, and such mint their own token which can be purchased as a form of support for them. The ability to create tokens not only benefits the athlete but the fan as well.


Michael Jordan is no newbie to crypto, he joined NBA Top Shot maker Dapper LAb’s for their $305 Million funding round and he also joined in the C round for Mythical Games which bought in $150 Million. The sky has always been the limit for most but it seems that is not the case for Michael Jordan.

Reminder *** None of the information in these articles is meant as financial advice. Use your own discretion when making purchases of crypto and follow your own financial education. Do your own research.



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