Solana Goes To Coachella

Hear the music by Ashleah L. Feb. 2, 2022

Quick points

  • Coachella offers lifetime NFT.
  • The NFT will provide the extra benefits for holders that join the festival

A New Utility

Coachella is a music festival that brings some of the best talents from around the world and currently the festival is looking to capitalize on the rise of Solana NFTs by offering a lifetime access to their concerts plus perks. Currently the plans are to bring forth the offering on the FTX trading platform.

Utility At Its Finest

2021 has seen the growth of NFTs explode into multiple projects and ideas and many have touted the utility of NFT for the music industry and ticketing. This offering brings forth the very best in utility of NFT providing owners with a property that will surely increase in value.

“Launch Party”

The NFT will launch on the FTX platform this Friday , February 4th. The amount of NFT that will have this utility will be very low as only 10 “key” NFT which have the power of offering lifetime entry and access to all virtual events will be produced. These “Key” NFT will also provide front row access, dinner made by a celebrity, and onstage access at the Sahara tent.The NFT will be offered via an auction system that can be found on their website. There will be other offerings such as 1,000 more “Desert Reflections” NFT at the price of $180 that do not offer as much as the “key” NFT but do offer holders to randomly receive 1 of 10 digital renditions of an iconic Coachella poster from Emek. Each NFT can be redeemed once for a physical copy of Coachella | The Photographs: 1999–2019. Finally, there will be a 10K “Sights and Sounds” drop at $60 which does not include a photo book but instead is a digital art drop.

Solana Strong

Solana continues to be a blockchain that has seen massive growth and potential of new ideas. With Solana new ideas seem to come every single day. Though Ethereum is still the current leading blockchain for NFT creation and sales , Solana has proven that their platform can also be a powerful force in the creation of new projects and utility.



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