Project Serum announces Convergence Hackathon

hackathon is on by Ryisan C. Dec.20, 2021

Project serum announces convergence

Project serum has announced their new cross-chain DeFi online hackathon hosted in partnership with wormholecrypto.

Convergence welcomes all to build & leverage Serum’s DEX and liquidity infrastructure, Wormhole’s cross-chain bridge, and technology from the other sponsors. The event runs from Jan 5–31, 2022, online and global. There is up to $5 million in prizes and seed funding from ProjectSerum, Wormhole, a communication bridge between Solana and other top decentralized finance,and various prize sponsors & venture partners.

In addition to the main prize there are also Community Choice awards. There are 6 project-based prize tracks:

ProjectSerum Award: Build innovative solutions on Serum’s liquidity infrastructure and Serum Core by Bonfida , provide better liquidity to Solana ecosystem & beyond.

Wormholecrypto Award: Utilize Wormhole’s message passing protocol to build cross-chain solutions that extend the DeFi use-cases in the multi-chain world.

PsyOptions Award: Meaningfully contribute to the Psy ecosystem and PSY DAO.

TerraMoney Award: Support the adoption of UST stablecoin and create additional use cases for DeFi within the TerraLuna ecosystem.

AtrixProtocol Award: integrate liquidity pools and yield farm to Atrix.

PythNetwork Awards: utilize Pyth’s data infrastructure to build new solutions that solve problems in the DeFi space.

Convergence is supported by a majorly talented panel of judges for more information or to register you can use this link



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Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain