Nova x Hubble

Two powerhouses join forces to expand lending and borrowing opportunities in asset management.

We spoke on Hubble protocol back in Janurary. Hubble is a fee-sharing decentralized finance protocol on Solana. The protocol allows for interest-free loans that are made against various crypto assets. There is a stablecoin named USDH which gives the users a chance to hold long term. Currently the team at Hubble has joined forces with Nova which is an inclusive asset management protocol that is also built on Solana. Nova is an asset framework that allows people to access DeFi without having to learn complex financial skills.

The joining of forces will result in an increase in liquidity for users while Nova provides nASsets within the protocol, this makes portfolio management very promising for users in the future. Dawid Snyders of Hubble protocol commented on following Nova from an early stage. The concept of asset management as a service by use of nAssets is considered to be very innovative by Mr. Snyders.

The two projects should be able to build off of the success of each as the innovative tactics of Nova will work with the fee-sharing methods of Hubble. There is the potential to bolster liquidity in trading via the borrowing on Hubble and the USDH stable coin. Both of the teams want to find a way to synergize their methods using the USDH coin.




Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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