Magic Eden’s Ethereum Plans for Dominance

How the NFT startup battle may end with Magic Eden as victor

OpenSea has enjoyed major dominance when it comes to NFT sales and volume, especially in the Ethereum market. There are not many marketplaces out there that stand to challenge the throne that OpenSea sits on, but Magic Eden is emerging as a possible challenger.

Magic Eden has a tight grip on Solana’s NFT sales and drops and holds most clout compared to its Solana-based competitors, Digitaleyes and Solanart.

Recently the company has grown and Magic Eden has announced support of the Ethereum blockchain as well.

“ME” started out as an art NFT marketplace but has branched out into other aspects, including gaming assets. A representative of the company recently spoke on the focus of the company: “We’re not really a generalized marketplace that plays in every category, we don’t play in one-of-one fine art, we don’t do usernames or domain names, we largely focus on collectibles.”

Magic Eden’s collections have enjoyed many successful drops to the ME community. Multiple Solana NFT projects have successfully cooperated with ME for their NFT launch and there are multiple ways for users to participate in launches safely as the platform has innovated to keep purchasers safe during NFT mints.

OpenSea has been the target of many forms of attacks and security could be one of the major factors in making ME stand out above OpenSea. But the outcome is still uncertain, as OpenSea can be expected to fight for its top position, it is also supporting Solana NFTs and even created a new Solana launchpad.

The race for NFT marketplace dominance is on but there are clearly two competitors in the race, far ahead of the pack, who will end up in the winner’s circle? Users will decide.



Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain