Invasion of the Bots

Solana suffers 7th slowdown of 2022

It would seem yet again that our beloved Solana has fallen victim yet again to attacks that have slowed down the speed of the services offered on the blockchain. Between this past Saturday and Sunday night Solana suffered a massive outage that was due to a large number of transactions due to NFT bots.

There were 4 million transactions taking place per second which congested the network and caused the validators on the network to be disabled. The validators did not resume until 7 hours later on Sunday at 3:00 am UTC.

The culprit was the Candy Machine which was created by Metaplex. The Metaplex company confirmed the attack on their twitter account:

The solution that was offered by the company turned out to be a penalty of $.89 USD for any wallet attemptiong to complete invalid transactions. These invalid transactions are usually caused by bots blindly minting. This outage is the 7th of this year and has been touted as one of the reasons for the recent large dip in the price of solana. The network issues caused the 50,000 TPS of Ethereum to lower to only a few thousand with most exchanges halting the trade of SOL.

All of this does not bode well for the network that has been dubbed the “Ethereum Killer”. With all of its woes Solana was not the only one having a hard weekend. Ethereum’s weeked was also fraught with strain as the release of 55,000 NFTs were released by Yuga Labs with gas fees soaring up to $14,000




Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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Bringing you the very best in news on Solana and the Solana Blockchain

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