Fractal Raises $35 Million

The Twitch Co-Founder continues to astound

Amber H. Apr. 1, 2022


By now many know Justin Kan as the co-founder of the wildly popular video-game streaming giant Twitch. This platform has monumentally changed the way we learn about, watch, and play video games. Besides video games the platform has also been used for ASMR, tutorials , life blogs and more. Mr. Kan has held a strong belief in the power of NFTs. He believes that NFTs will be able to further impact the gaming industry and his Fractal platform is here to prove that.

Justin spoke on dabbling in bitcoin back in 2013 and after that Ethereum, but having reservations about the blockchain being strong enough for gaming. He could not see the gaming future with Ethereum at the time. He ended up joining with Audius, a Solana- based music streaming platform ,as an advisor and talks on how the platform “just works.” Working with Audius got him to thinking of how he could finally bring gaming ideas to the masses on decentralized markets this ultimately helped him in deciding on the process of Fractal that we have now.

Money, money, money

Recently Fractal was the recipient of $35 million in a funding round that was meant to help Mr. Kan further bring his vision to life. The seed round was led by Paradigm and Multicoin capital with the co-founder of Pardigm-Matt Huang joining the board of Fractal. The NFT launchpad and marketplace for Solana NFTs launched in December and offers users the ability to rent out their NFT to players. The round featured other major companies as well with the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Solana Labs, Animoca Brands, Play Ventures, Marc Pincus founder of Zynga, Coinbase Ventures, Do Kwon CEO of Terraform Labs, and Tim Ferriss.

What is on Fractal?

The assets on Fractal are NFTs but they can take on multiple shapes; they can be the actual avatar, the avatar’s clothing, tools , weapons, keys, cards , access codes, land , or whatever else is needed to play a play-to-earn game. The NFTs are truly owned by the players and the ability to rent them out to earn passive income is indeed a great draw. Gaming in general has tons of paid-for content that is mostly cosmetic, some purchases are DLC or downloadable content. Imagine some of the DLC actually being owned by you and you making money from allowing others to play at a discounted price. Fractal is here to provide owners of NFTs with more ways to earn and those that couldn’t afford the mint a way in the door as well. This could very well be another revolutionary project by Mr. Kan and once again change the gaming world.



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