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The dawn of a new age of NFT


We have all seen the growth of NFT over the course of a half of a year, may people have jumped onto the bandwagon and want to create their own. In the beginning this was only reserved for those that were supremely technical and understood coding. Afterwards a github member shared a piece of coding that helped others but it was still all a bit too technical for some.

On Creating an NFT

Creating an NFT has never truly been an easy task for many but now there is a definite easy way to make one and Burnt Finance is the way to go. Recently Burnt Finance released their NFT launchpad that allows you to create your own collection by uploading your templates, assets and more to create your collection. It is important to note that Burnt Finance is a completely decentralized NFT marketplace and thus the process of creation has been made decentralized as well.

Before burnt after you handled the coding of the collection you still had to wait on approval from a marketplace to hold your collection for sale. Creators would sign up through MagicEden or more for a chance to have their collection placed on the marketplace for sale. With Burnt Finance that is no longer an issue. There is no wait for approval, high gas fees, or coding just uploading and clicking of simple buttons.

Mutual interests

The founder of Burnt known as Burnt Banksy noted how the launchpad would bridge the gap between the aspirations of creations and the possibilities of NFTs as a whole. He lamented on the current NFT marketplace ecosystem still being mostly centralized with the power of who and what gets shown and sold still being controlled like a web2 entity. Yea The platform is free to use and will be open to all that want to use it via a Phantom, SolFlare, or Math Wallet.

The project has recently also partnered with Project Serum to create a wide range of Serum generative NFT collections for purchase while Burnt will provide a liquidity structure for Serum that will help in creating near-instant transactions. Serum and Burnt both believe in providing resources that best set up users for success.



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