Solana is poised to be the Visa of The Metaverse

January 14,2021 Harriet T.

Recently Bank Of America has come forward to show their support of the Solana blockchain. After hosting Solana Foundation member Lily Liu at a private event BOA stated that Solana could become the “Visa of the…

A new high definition personal space on Solana

Jan.10 ,2022, Ryisan C

We initially reported on a project that was quite interesting, a project named PORTALS. The project provided you with a space in which to hang up your NFT collection, play games, and converse with other members. The project…

Companies are clamoring to build their online presence in web 3

Jan 10, 2022 Ryisan C

We reported on a project named PORTALS a while back. The project sought to bring you a metaverse room where you can create a space for people to come and participate in activities or…

Serum has faced a lot of backlash this year….

Written by Ryisan C. Jan 3,2022

Let’s start this article off with the tweet that sent me down this particular rabbit hole..

Here the founder of Serum laments on the negativity his project has been facing for the past year…

The extremely useful Solana wallet is finally coming to IOS

Dec.29,2021 Olivia D.

Quick Points

  • Phantom IOS wallet is vast approaching
  • The launch was not without hiccups and many in the community are up in arms.

There are many wallets you can use on your browser now for your crypto…

Sam Bankman-Fried has plans for the Solana ecosystem

Dec. 23 By Ryisan C.

The Solana NFT marketplace has just begun taking strides towards its already fleshed out Ethereum counterpart.With multiple projects on the horizon and some in the past you can tell that there is no stopping the market though…

A metaverse project based on well-being by Ryisan C. Dec. 22, 2021

Recently during my research into many of the new Solana-based NFT projects I came across a rather amazing find. A lot of the projects on Solana tout some form of gaming utility, DAO utility, or other ideas to…

The Fractal launch takes a hit by Ryisan C.

Quick Points

  • Fractal launch suffered an attack that resulted in $150K being stolen.
  • The attack made use of a blink-and-you-miss-it tactic.

Hot on the heels of anticipation comes a big heaping helping of disappointment. …

Solana for President? Written by Ashley X. Dec. 21 , 2021

Quick points

  • Solana NFT are being made

The United States seems to have a love-hate relationship with Crypto. Many poeple in the sphere see crypto as a new beginning as a way for the little guy to finally get…


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